melanocyteVitiligo is a skin disorder. It’s not involved with any kind of organ damage or systemic disease. In vitiligo pigmented cells named melanocytes disappearing and leaving a whitish colour. This cells also protects skin from suns harmfull beams that can cause skin cancer. It seems like a cosmetically disfiguring disease but also skins protection against sun also disabled.
While vitiligolab-tests is an immun system disorder patients who has vitiligo should be checked for rheumatological diseases , vitamin and iron deficiencies and for hormonal system diseases. This diseases and deficiencies will not cause vitiligo. But in a high percentage of vitiligo patients we spot this problems. Treating also this diseases improve vitiligo patients quality of life. We can perform all the test necessary for monitoring your health.
topicalTopical drugs : We offer creams that havent steroids inside. Vitiligo has a long treatment course. The extended usage of steroid containing drugs can cause skin atrophy and other side effects. Necessary drugs will be included in your treatment package. Our drugs will control your skins immun system and will stop the attack that destroys your own pigment cells.



portable_phototherapyPortable phototherapy device : Treatments with topical drugs can have a limited effect while inducing new pigment cell growth. Because of this problem we have a portable phototherapy system for our international patients. With the help of our treatment protocol after 2 or 3 months usage phototherapy will begin to pigment white areas. Face is the best responding are but hands and palms are the least responding areas





cellular_treatmentsCellular treatments : Our newly emerging cellular treatment is an modified cellular enrichment and delivery method. We use an concentrated cellular formulation for our international patients that performed in their visit to our office in Turkey.




monobenzone3dDepigmentation : If vitiligo covers all of your body and only small parts of healthy skin left this situation can be cosmetically disfiguring sometimes. With the help of an special drug named monobenzone we can help you to white this patchy areas. Please aware this treatment is permanent and there is no way to recover healthy skin. We have pharmacies that can prepare you this special drug. Depigmentation process can take 12 – 18 months and drug has side effects like redness and irritation.


childrenTreatments for children : There are topical drugs available for treating children. We don’t see vitiligo often in babies or toddlers. If topical treatment fail portable phototherapy devices can be used in children.




pigmentationOverall success rate in vitiligo treatments : We get the best response from face area and chances are %70 – 80 but hands, feets and genitalia are resitant areas and we get a %20-30 treatment response.

Please keep in mind this treatments doesn’t prevent an vitiligo recurrence. But we say that if we have pigmented it before we can repigment it again.

What if topical and phototherapy treatments fails ? Medical pigmentation is an advanced method works like tattooing. White areas can be filled with special pigments by our experts. Surgical methods can also be used like skin grafting in some of our patients.


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